Tips for Before Wax Treatment

These tips will help you to understand what to do and what not to do before waxing, especially for the first time.

Everyone has “First time.” Some new events (This time is waxing) are too intimate and too private to ask your friends or family. Also if it’s too new an idea, you don’t know what to ask. So here are some tips based on questions my new clients frequently ask me.

Tip 1. Don’t Shave.

First of all, One of the most frequently asked questions by a First time client is “Should I shave before an appointment or leave it long?.”


Do not shave, If hair is too short wax can not catch the hair to remove, I will trim them if it is needed. The best hair length is about 0.5 cm or more.

Tip 2. 5 Weeks After Wax and 1 Week Shaving.

Second question I often get is when to start waxing.


5 weeks after Wax treatment or 2 week after shaving for the best effect. However if you would like to remove earlier “3 weeks after Wax treatment or 1 week after shaving” will still do the good job.

Tip 3. At Least 3 Days Before Beach Vacation.

Many clients want to wax before Beach Vacation ask me how many days wax should be done.

3 days before you expose skin to nice hot sunshine,because wax removes hair and your first layer of skin at the same time. So your skin will be a little bit more sensitive than usual and it takes  1-2 days to recover good enough to be under strong sun! If you expose your skin to the sun too soon, you may have some pigmentation on your skin.

Tip4. The First Time is The Worst Time.

Everyone asks me “Does waxing hurt?”.

My answer is simply “Yes” and I add especially the first time.

First, since you never had the treatment before, your body doesn’t have any idea how painful it is. So The brain and body can not prepare for coming pain so you feel more. Second, if you have shaved before, your hair gets much thicker than it is supposed to be. Thicker hair is more painful. But don’t worry. the more you wax, your hair gets thinner and less quantity. Also I can remove hair little by little so there are many techniques to make it less painful. 

Tip5. Pimples and ingrown hair.

Pimples and ingrown hair is one of the biggest concerns.

I believe it is not only because of waxing when it’s properly done. To be honest, waxing might trigger pimples and ingrown hair. But it is really up to your hair & skin condition (sensitive, oily or dry skin locally) and also your lifestyle.  For example, some never get pimples without any skin care. On the other hand one gets some because he has thin hair but he keeps his tools around his belt and they rub the skin and get irritated. I have some solution or recommendation up to the situation and condition.

Tip6. Next Appointment is in 5 Weeks  .

Once the wax is done you will feel very different and love the result! But when should I come again?

As I wrote before, the best time is around 5 weeks for the first 3 to 5 times and you can extend it up to 7 weeks as you wish to have the best result!

Tip7.  Just Ask Me.

I tried to explain as much as possible here and I will do till you become comfortable. I understand waxing is a very intimate treatment, enough for you to be shy at first. However, we need to trust each other. So please ask me any question you may have.