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Ashiatsu Massage


What is Ashiatsu Massage ?

Ashiatsu massage is from Japan. "Ashi" means Foot and "Atsu" means pressure. This is more more energetic massage than relaxing massage. This massage is perfect for the person who needs to energise your body and  relax entire body. There are rhythmic movements in the therapist's foot continuous pumping the body, thus removing blockages and warming up your body.

What do you expect during Ashiatsu Massage?

Ashiatsu Massage is practised with therapist's foot sole, toes or heel without oil. Technics used are pumping, gliding, pressing trigger points and compressing with variety parts of the foot. You can keep comfortable clothes during session.

Who should receive?
Ashiatsu Massage is good for everyone and especially who has not been moving lately. When you don't move enough, your muscle get stuck or stiff. This cause muscle pain, poor blood circulation and lymph gland.   It is perfect for those who really wants to gain energy like after you did light exercise.

Physical Benefits

  • Enhancement of blood and Lymph circulation
  • Tension relief
  • improve flexibility
  • Long lasting effects

Mental Benefits.

  • Empowerment
  • Stress relief
  • Mental relaxation


60 minutes
90 minutes

If it is your first time receiving Massage, Swedish massage is recommended.

Also Ashiatsu Massage can be mixed with Thai Yoga massage.

Location : 3320 Rue Lepailleur Montreal (Metro Honore Beaugrand)

Parking is available on driveway