Here is how to make Hot Lemon, Honey & Ginger perfect to keep the cold away from you to enjoy the winter a little bit more. This is the perfect drink to take any time of the day for everyone. Especially those who suffer from cold and also prenatal women.

Hot Lemon Honey Ginger

Hot Lemon Honey Ginger

Why is Hot Lemon Honey Ginger great for you?


Effect of Honey

In Honey, part of glucose turns into a component called gluconic acid during production. This gluconic acid has a strong antimicrobial action, so it is effective for the prevention of colds and improvement of throat inflammation.

Moreover, it is excellent also as an energy source, so if you ingest honey before going to bed, growth hormone secretion will be done smoothly. As a result, we can expect an increase in immunity .

Effect of Ginger   

Heating ginger produces pungent ingredients called Shogaol. It warms the body slowly over 3 to 4 hours. This will also increase metabolism.

Hot Honey Ginger is great for…

  1. Preventing catching cold
  2. Easing morning sickness for pregnant woman
  3. Improving the coldness
  4. Promoting fat burning
  5. letting you sleep well

Simple Recipes

Ingredients for 500 ml Jar

2 lemons or more (Thin sliced)

300 to 400 ml of honey to fill up Jar

First, wash lemons with vinegar very well and dry completely. Removing skin optionally.

Second, slice lemons into 5 mm then put in a clean jar.

Then add the honey to cover all lemons.

Leave it for 3 or 4 days. or crush the lemons before adding honey, if you want to drink without waiting days.

When you drink

Put 2-3 spoonful Honey Lemon into cup and grinded ginger (sliced ginger is great also)

Add 300 ml of boiled water and steer well.

You can add more honey or sugar to adjust to you favorite taste

I hope you enjoy the Hot Lemon Ginger drink and keep warm during winter in Canada ! Have a great day!