Many clients have asked me, “which massage is best for me?” 
Well, mu answer is simple: it’s totally up to you! And here’s my advice to help you choose one for today:

Swedish massage is great for those who say…
“I want to relax and at the same time I want to improve some conditions !”
“It’s my first time receiving a massage; what does a massage entail?”

Lomilomi (Hawaiian) massage is great for those who say…
“I feel very exhausted after work and I just want to relax!”
“I don’t want my body to be moved during massage”
“I want to feel the motion of the ocean !”
“I know Swedish massages are relaxing but I want  to relax more!”

Thai yoga massage is great for those who say…
“I need to stretch my body more!”
“I need a super deep massage !!”
“I want to feel engaged after a massage!”
“I need to relax but I need to go back to work after!”
“I just started the gym and my body feels stiff and in pain”
“I am shy! I need my clothes on during a massage!”
“I am ticklish! Don’t tickle me!”
“No Oil!”

Mayofascia therapy is great for those who say…
“I have been suffering from this situation for a long time…”
“I keep the same posture all the time during my work and I am in pain!”
“Usually a massage helps me a for few days but it’s too short; I need a longer effect!”
“I just want a soft-touch massage to ease the muscle but I still want to feel good.”

Now you can choose your own massage for today or consult with me for more details so we can customize your massage in person.

*This recommendation is based on my experience and the techniques I practice. 
*Consult with your doctor if you have any physical conditions.