First of all, No one is 100% one Dosha. Usually people have all doshas different portion. Here is the your self-check list.

You have 7 points for each category, if only one dosha is applicable, you put 7 points in that dosha and leave others 0 point. if 2 or 3 doshas are applicable, devide 7 points into the doshas more points for more applicable. when it is not applicable you put 0 point. At the end you add all.

Example: If you are thin physique, rough and dry skin and thick hair.

your points will be Vata (5 points) Pitta (0 point) Kapha (2 points)

  Vata Pitta Kapha
Body Thin physique, dry skin/ rough skin, pronounced veins, small hands, wavy hair Medium physique ,muscular,moist reddish skin, medium hands, straight hair large bone structure, stockt pale, smooth skin,large hands, thick hair
Sleep light and wake up during the night Moderate, may wake up but fall back to sleep Deep and never wake up till morning
Sweat Not oftern Profuse Moderate, cold
Appetite Light, variable Difficult to skip meals constant but able to skip meals
Circulation poor, variable Strong, warm Slow, steady
Sensitivity You don’t like cold, wind ,dryness You don’t like Heat, sun You don’t like cold damp
Common illness when I fell weak I knowtice I have arthritis, mentally tired, insomnia,body pain when I fell weak I knowtice I have fevers, infections when I fell weak I knowtice I have congestion, mucous, water retention
Mental Activities Active, adaptable,creative,enthusiastic Focused,precise,competitive,articulate Stable, patient, affectionate,down- to- earth
Energy Level Highly energetic, frequent fluctuations, variable Vigorous and determined Stable, sometimes lethargic

How is your result?

This is not everything but this gives you idea which dosha is stronger than others for today. You can do this self- check every 2 weeks or month so that you will see the difference to see the improvement of the treatment

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