According to Ayurveda, everything in the universe is composed of the five elements witch are ether, air, fire, water and earth. These elements are present in all matter, including our on physical and mental bodies.

1. Ether

Ether is the most suitable of all the element and provide the space for all the other elements to exist. It maintains space within body to keep the space from other objects. In the body, ether corresponds to the space within the mouth, ears, nostrils, abdomen, respiratory tract and pelvic cavity. Ether governs the sense of sound.

2. Air

Air is the life force that moves all body systems, thoughts and ideas. In the body, air governs coordination, the nervous system and the respiratory system, as well as creative thinking.

3. Fire

Fire is the transformation for physical and mental in the body. In the body, fire governs the process of digestion and metabolism.

4. Water

Water is the flowing motion that nurtures and sustains life. In the body water is the movement of blood, lymph, and liquid matter. This cycle of movement will eliminate waste products and circulating nutrients.

5. Earth

Earth is the structure for all animate and inanimate objects in the universe. In the body, earth forms the skeletal system, tissues, cells, and the overall physical form.

With these 5 elements above we will understand three vital forces called “Dosha”. Ayurveda Three Doshas

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*Ayurveda is life studying and I am still studying this. All information is my understanding from my study at school and some books. Sometimes there is the specific answer and sometimes it can be depends on several situation. I recommend you to do some research and develop your knowledge and find what you think the best.