Treatments for after Brazilian wax is a bit more special than other parts of body.

To keep your body no pimples and no in grown hair, you need some special treatment after Brazilian wax, because it’s more sensitive skin than other parts such as legs, arms or back.covered more layers and tighter clothes such as underwear and denim jeans.

The key is avoid heat, friction and bacteria.

1. No thitht denim  jeans after Brazilian wax

It is always better to avoid tight denim jeans because your freshly done waxed part is not healed yet.  It’s better to give some space and not to rub to let your skin calm and avoid pimples and ingrown haire.

2. No sex for you!
Until at least 1-2 days after the procedure. Your skin is going to be very irritable after its first experience with depilation, and a first-degree friction burn is certain to exacerbate its fragile state.

3. Cold showers.

Hot water will not  be the best for your hyper-sensitive skin on the same night better to wait till the next morning.

4. Exfoliation.

Exfoliation prevents having pimples and ingrown hair. You can use sponges or grains and do daily or every 2-3 days.

5. Water based lotion
Never use oil or cream. Use water based aloe lotion. It heals your skin and very reasonable.


6. Let the hair grow back out for 4-6 weeks before a follow-up visit.

Your hair needs to fill back in before a second treatment, both to let the skin recover and to ensure that the hair extricates cleanly next time. More you take treatments, you will see the better results.