It is important to choose right place to wax your body.  It takes very long time to heal once skin is damagd.

How do you choose place to wax your precious body? Some people choose the spa based on Reviews, Quality, Location, Opening hours and/or Price. Here is my advice how to choose Your Salon or Spa especially for waxing.

First of all, I can not chage location and Opening hours of other Spa, we will talk about Private or not, Quality and Prices. Checking reviews are one of the way to reserch, however, most of clients prefer not sharing their wax in public especially private parts.

1.Private Salon or Spa?

Advantage of Private Salon is getting always the same aesthetician (Me). You will always stay with me. So I know your body, personality and you also feel less shy with more visit. If you feel confortble and have great results. You get good experience every visits. Also I knowticed that some of clients especially male, prefer not to see many people in Spa to show everyone in the waiting room “Hello I am here to do Brazilian!!”

Disadvantage of Private Salon is relying on an aesthetician can be inconvenient such as stoping working all the sudden or leave for a long vacation. Also in high season she or he can be too busy to find you a spot for last minutes.

On the other hands for Spa, it is opposite, It is usually much easier to get appointments however it can be always different aestheticians. Some clients are OK for that but it is definatelly different result and quality. You are not only going to remove your hair also staying on table for hours with an aesthetician, so it is always better to spend time with someone you feel more confortable.

2.Quality : You want to do Brazilian? Ask Which Wax does she use hard or soft?

If you are going to wax your Brazilian area (Private), Please ask aesthetician which wax they use. There are 2 types of wax (or more). One is Hard (hot) wax the other one is Soft(warm) wax. If your aesthetiaian uses Soft (warm) wax for Brazilian please run away !!

The difference between Hard wax and Soft wax

Hard wax with wodden stick

Hard wax : Perfect for Brazilian area, face and under arms. Hard wax is apllyed with wodden stick and removed with the same stick. Hard wax is removing less skin and great for senstive areas. Sometimes it is difficult to remove the small hair. Hard wax is more expensive and difficult to control.

Softwax is with strips

Soft wax : Great for big serface but not too senstive such as back, arms and legs. Soft wax is applyed with stick and removed with cotton or paper strips. Personally cotton strips has less hair breaks and better result. Soft wax is removing more hair than Hard wax however it is harsh on your skin. It is no problem for back, arms and legs, but really bad on your private parts, especially on penis and testicles. Soft wax is usually less expensive than Hard wax and it is easier to control.

Here are an example of my client has been suffering from this result below. This is after 5 weeks of Brazilian wax with Soft wax.

*Following image can be too shocking to you.

** This is NOT done by Misa.

***This client agreed to put this photo here to warn the inportance of choosing right place to wax.

Skin after 5 weeks with Soft wax


As for price, Spa is usually more expensive than private salon because it costs Spa more maintenance fee or wages for emploees. Also depending on locations.

Apart from this, it is up you but try to avoid too cheap place. They might not use the good quality wax or not appropriate wax for the body parts or skin, but who knows. If you would like to try, why not?

If you ask me, I would tell you to think very carefully because as I show you the photo above, once you get the horrible result, it will take long time to heal.

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