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Waxing for Men

waxing for men montreal verdun

Waxing is not only for woman anymore.


Waxing for getting more popular not only for woman but also for men because it looks more clean, hygienic and gives you more confident… so why not?

Does it hurt?


Yes and No. First time is the worst time. More you do regularly, it gets better drastically. Some of my clients sleep during their Brazilian treatment! So don’t worry


When to start?

You need at at least 5 mm. The best result will be 7 days after last shaving or 4 weeks after last waxing.



Full legs 45$
Back & Shoulders 45$
Chest & Abdomen 45$
Back, shoulders, chest & abdomen 85$
Arms 45$
Brazilian 60$
Brazilian include buttocks 70$

*multiple services gets more discount

Tips for before wax